MISOKA・ISM is the creation of a high-quality living, that is friendly to the global environment and infused with the essence of Japanese craftsmanship; these philosophies of the MISOKA brand are all embodied in this toothbrush. Its design, likened to a waters flow, does not only have a beautiful shape, but also, a gentle brushing, a quick dry, and functions and roles required for a toothbrush, have all come together as a crystal of technology.

The MISOKA toothbrush for cleaning your teeth with only water was first launched onto the market by Yumeshokunin Co., Ltd. in 2007. This ground-breaking new toothbrush uses bristles treated with a nano-mineral coating to assist with removing plaque from the tooth exterior simply by moistening the bristles and brushing. As it only requires a single glass of water, it also contributes to people’ s health and to preserving the global environment. To date, more than 3 million of the toothbrushes have been sold in Asia and around the world.

How it works?

After dipping the bristle into the water, nano-sized mineral ions on the bristles clean teeth and create a stain-resistant barrier with higher hydrophilicity which causes the tooth’s surface to attract water and become smooth.

Uniquely developed ultra fine tips

Unlike your regular tapered bristle which are the same width from tip to end, by using a special tip tapering process, we designed a bristle with sufficient waist and a narrow tip. Therefore, you can achieve fine dental care with gentle brushing on your teeth and gums

- It is the technology of coating with nano-sized magnesium, calcium, sodium and more. The finish is glossy and smooth like the surface of glass. By adding hydrophilic to the surface, it becomes highly resistant to stains and dirt, and is developing applied products in multiple fields, being the leading expectation of latest technology. It is also completely safe, as minerals used to coat, comply with the water quality standards of Japan's tap water.
- Simply pour water into a cup, dip the brush into the water, and it is ready for use. For added freshness, rinse your mouth with the water in the cup which also contains ion minerals from the dipping of the brush. Wash the brush with water and keep it with good ventilation after use.

Brushing with nanominerals means brushing with water itself.
We visualized the invisible technology to let spread to the world even if without words.
It was very simple work.

TIDS | Kosho Ueshima

Established in 2007 by a craftsman, YUMESHOKUNIN Co., Ltd. has developed and marketed products based around advanced nano-mineral technology. The company is a manufacturer that produces only the best goods based on a philosophy of “craftsman-like quality”, making by hand rather than by machine and pursuing higher things in all its activities.

Born in Fukui, Japan, 1979. After graduating Tama Art University in 2003, he participated in electronics and various industrial design projects at Panasonic and yellow design gmbh, a German design agency. He has been awarded a numbers of national design awards including Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award in his career.

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